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    Welcome remarks

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    Opening remarks

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    Opening address

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    Plenary address

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    Case study: A Malaysian success story

    This session will provide an overview of the history and evolution of the private equity industry in Malaysia. It will also cover success stories of Ekuinas over the last 10 years, as well as the work it has done in positively impacting the private equity market in Malaysia while acting as a catalyst for growth. It will also showcase a homegrown company which has successfully used private equity to expand its operations locally and regionally.

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    Networking coffee break

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    Capitalising on the potential in Malaysian private equity

    Malaysia is primed for prominence on the private equity stage in Southeast Asia. While the asset class continues to develop locally, there is no shortage of opportunities on the horizon. The Malaysian government has demonstrated a keen interest in boosting the private equity market, while regional institutional investors are looking to increase their private equity allocations in a bid for further diversification. Against this backdrop, join our panel of top-tier, domestically-based fund managers who will discuss the outlook for the year ahead, as well as the role private equity will play in transforming high-potential Malaysian companies into world-class players.

    • What is the outlook of the market, and what are the biggest opportunities and challenges for Malaysian private equity in the coming years?
    • How is private equity acting as a catalyst for growth and creating value for Malaysian companies, and what are the advantages that local players can provide in this area?
    • What are the top sectors for investment, and how is the exit landscape changing in Malaysia?
    • What can the private equity industry do to promote the corporate governance practices of investee companies?
  • 12:10

    Private equity leaders’ panel: Capturing opportunities in Southeast Asia

    The Southeast Asian private equity market is expected to reach US$70 billion in deal value by 2024. This is owing to the region’s promising demographics, the prospects of investing in the next world-class companies, and the rapid growth taking place across various sectors and countries. As investors enter the increasingly saturated market, it is important that they understand the regional complexities, as well as learn how to compete and work alongside local players that may have a more nuanced view of homegrown businesses and the local investment landscape. Our esteemed group of GPs will showcase their investments and share their insights into how best to capture opportunities in the region.

    • Where do global GPs see the opportunities in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and how can GPs set themselves apart?
    • What challenges do GPs face in the region, including how to encourage change in family-owned businesses?
    • How can GPs source the right strategic partner to work alongside them?
    • Which investment themes are the most compelling in the region?
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    Networking lunch

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    How private equity can help companies expand across ASEAN and beyond

    Amid geopolitical uncertainties, rising competition, and fluctuating stock markets, the private equity market in Southeast Asia continues to mature and the appetite for M&A remains strong. As such, with businesses looking to expand their operations, the need for ASEAN to maximise cross-border opportunities is on the rise. However, integration challenges and the complexity of cross-border deals are obstacles that need to be overcome. Therefore, it is important for companies to carefully consider their strategies. Our group of on-the-ground practitioners will discuss the cross-border expansion of companies, public equity performance, and what is in store for private equity in M&A in the years to come.

    • What are some of the government efforts driving intra-ASEAN collaboration and trade in the region?
    • Will private equity have a role to play in M&A deals as ASEAN companies formulate cross-border strategies?
    • What are some success stories of Malaysian brands that have expanded regionally and globally?
    • Where are the most compelling investment opportunities in the markets and sectors, and where is the money flowing?
  • 14:45

    The value creation proposition in Southeast Asia and beyond

    Creating operational value in ASEAN companies can be a tricky proposition, since Southeast Asian economies are dominated by family-controlled businesses. However, executives are becoming increasingly aware of the value creation opportunities that private equity can provide to their businesses. To succeed in this competitive market, private equity investors must develop value creation plans beyond merely providing capital, as well as help their portfolio companies scale and expand. While there is no one-size-fits-all value creation model, our panel of global investors will discuss their different approaches across various countries and sectors and share best practices in formulating an effective value creation strategy.

    • Where is the opportunity for private equity firms to successfully create value in the region, and how can global firms tap into this?\
    • What are the benefits of having local insights and incorporating cross-border expansion into a value creation plan?
    • What are some of the common pitfalls to be aware of when formulating a value creation strategy in Southeast Asia?
    • What are the strategies that Southeast Asian GPs can learn from their regional and global counterparts?
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    Networking coffee break

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    Private equity opportunities in Southeast Asian technology

    The fast-growing technology sector has been generating both regional and foreign private equity investor interest into Southeast Asia. As the region sees more unicorns being produced, and startup companies continue to attract attention from global PE firms, the conditions have been set in place for a long-term investment boom. How can private equity firms capture the opportunities, and be mindful of issues  such as the effects of digital disruption on businesses and data privacy issues in the private equity industry? Our panel of leading GPs, who have had significant exposure in private equity investment in technology deals, will share their insights, experiences and success stories in this region.

    • How do private equity firms approach technology investments in the region, such as the amount of weightage they would put on a technology deal?
    • What are some trends and regulatory updates in the technology space? Where do you find the opportunities?
    • What are the challenges associated with technology investments in Southeast Asia?
    • Is there enough investment appetite to launch technology-specific funds?

  • 16:30

    LPs’ views on private equity investments in ASEAN

    Regional and global Institutional investors—including pension funds and sovereign wealth funds—are increasingly looking at private equity as a diversification strategy. Furthermore, investors have become more comfortable with deploying capital to Southeast Asia. At the same time, the nature of the LP’s role is changing: newer players are exploring options such as fund-of-funds, while mature LPs are seeking to go beyond asset allocation and increase their capabilities in co-investments and secondaries. What does this mean for the ASEAN private equity market? Our esteemed panel of local and international LPs will discuss opportunities in Malaysia and the wider Asia region, where they plan to allocate in the coming years, and their long-term strategies for the region.

    • What sectors, geographies, and fund types in the region are attractive to LPs?
    • What are the top challenges facing LPs?
    • Have returns in the region matched LPs’ expectations?
    • Will we see secondaries and co-investments play a bigger role in Southeast Asia?
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    Closing remarks and mocktail reception